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Regular price$74.95 Sale price
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All pre-order items receive a 10% discount! Each piece is handmade to order, and it takes time to ensure that you receive the best quality possible! Fulfillment is expected to take about 1-2 weeks, and you will be notified once your item is shipped. Visit our FAQ for more info.


Click here for a detailed sizing guide. 

Average Ring Sizes

Average Size  Desired Finger Recommended Sizes
Pinky 6, 7
Men Ring 7, 8, 9
Index/Middle 9, 10, 11
Pinky 4, 5
Women Ring 5, 6
Index/Middle 6, 7, 8


Average Bracelet Sizes

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
Small 7.5
Men Medium 8
Large 8.5
Small 6.5
Women Medium  7
Large 7.5



All of our items are handmade with care and we stand behind the quality of our jewelry with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty — our promise that if  you're not completely happy with your jewelry, send it back within 60 days and receive a full refund.

Hanafuda earrings have traditionally been passed down through generations, and the significance of these earrings runs even deeper. 

Rumored to be a secret mark of the Breath of the Sun style, we hope you embody the strength and courage that these earrings represent. 

Materials: 18K Gold Plated Brass, Stainless Steel 

Earring dimensions: Approx. 2.5" by 0.5" (including chain length). Each earring weighs approximately 3 grams (the weight of one penny)

Why buy from us?

Premium materials like sterling silver, gold, and stainless steel that will never rust or turn your skin green.

Major jewelry brands markup their products 8-10x the actual cost. We wanted to do things differently. We've built relationships with some of the best jewelers and sell directly to you to make luxury accessible.

Return your purchase for any reason absolutely free of charge.

More than just functional, our decorative and creative packaging makes for a unique unboxing experience. It's ready to be gifted!

Free in every order

Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth

Imbued with a polishing compound, this cloth ensures your jewelry is always looking brand new.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Janes McCray

The quality/product is good….there customer service needs a lot of work no reply back or nothing I was attempting to have cool engrave design put on product I was buying 1st couldn’t get in contact /no resounded then when they did just outright dismissed what I was trying didn’t try to accommodate meet me down the middle because they said they couldn’t do design I wanted which was fine but there was something from design I wanted that they could have done but they just dismissed my idea so all together and stopped responding very rude

Hi Janes,

I would like to apologize that you didn't receive a resolution with your engraving, and I should've been more on top of responding back to find a solution for your design. It was a complex design with over 660 characters, and I was unable to think of a way to shorten it to around 40 or so that would be able to fit on the Hanafuda Earrings. Additionally, at that time I hadn't heard back from the specialist who does engravings on how small he could engrave, so I didn't have an answer to give to you.

Regardless, it's no excuse that you didn't receive a resolution, and I am truly sorry that you weren't happy with the service you have been provided. I hope to improve the speed and quality of our customer service, as currently it is just us, the jewelers, responding to messages. While customer inquires and concerns are very important to us, most of our time is spent working on the jewelry pieces. I appreciate the patience of everyone reaching out, and I hope that in the future if there is something that I can help you with I can be of better help!

Best regards,

Simone Holder

I got both stainless and 18k gold plated demon slayer earrings. Amazing, I’m even getting compliments from people that haven’t even watch the show. Quality, boxing, unveiling and complementary $5 gift card were all simply satisfactory. Thank you and I will be ordering again very soon. :)

Aliyan Shah

thankyouu so much for ur product thats really amazing i love it😊🥰🥰


Hi, I ordered them on September 15th 2022, unfortunately I haven't received them yet :(

Super Awesome

Just awesome just like in the picture... Definitely Worth Buying and WILL DEFINITELY BUY MORE STUFF SOON.


Subtle yet iconic jewelry to accentuate your style.


HIgh-quality materials, handcrafted by our skilled jewelers.


Lasting quality, stylish accessories, and absolutely no risk to you.